An Essential List of Jobs That Grant Cash Pay After Work

Salary being received for a job that grants cash pay after work

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Securing a full-time job can be difficult for various reasons, whether it’s having skills and knowledge that are outdated or being a fresh graduate with little in your resume. For folks who have been through an economic crisis, they would’ve experienced this themselves or know people who did.

This is where ‘cash pay after work’ jobs come in. They can be a temporary source of employment to keep you afloat while you look for a full-time job during your free time. It is also a viable option for employed individuals who are keen on adding another income stream to their monthly salary.

What exactly is cash pay after work?

“Cash pay after work” jobs are part-time or temporary jobs that pay your salary in cash daily as opposed to a cheque or bank transfer every month. These jobs are especially beneficial for people who are in urgent need of daily cash.

Additionally, some people prefer being paid in this manner because of the immediacy of being able to receive cash after a hard day’s work. This is also a good option to earn a second income quickly – especially for those who do not have the privilege of having an emergency fund.

Advantages and disadvantages of “cash pay after work” jobs


  • “Cash pay after work” jobs have a high level of flexibility.

    Depending on the job, you might have more freedom to choose when you want to work and what working schedule suits you best. In this case, your salary depends entirely on how many hours you’re willing to put in.

  • You learn how to be more disciplined with your money.

    When you receive your salary daily, you do not have the luxury to overspend. You will learn to ration what you have earned and focus your spending on what’s absolutely necessary. If you need to purchase a big-ticket item, you will naturally develop the discipline to save up for it.


  • The job’s daily payment might not be sufficient.

    When it comes to paying your bills when they are due, you will need to save a portion of your daily salary to ensure that you have enough in your bank account. When you draw a monthly salary, it’s much easier to set aside a lump sum for your bills right away. However, “cash pay after work” jobs require you to work harder and be smart about your money so you can cover your expenses consistently every month.

  • Staff welfare is greatly watered down.

    Firstly, CPF contributions are not included with temporary jobs that pay you daily. What’s more, if you’re looking for benefits such as employee health insurance or transport & meal allowances, these are typically only available for full-time workers.

Seven cash pay after work jobs in Singapore

At this point, you might be wondering what roles in Singapore actually get paid daily, considering how specific this seems to be. The seven jobs below are just a few of them and you’re probably familiar with them as well.

1. Private Tutor

This doesn’t just refer to teaching primary and secondary school subjects like science and mathematics. If you’re an experienced musician, you can impart your skills and knowledge to students of all ages. Being a private tutor allows you to specify to your student or their parents that you would like to be paid in cash after every lesson.

2. Dog Walker

You’d be surprised at how many dog owners need a helping hand with bringing their dogs out for their daily walks. This is especially so if the owner has no one else at home who can help them out. This job is a treat for dog lovers who are looking to earn extra cash or dog owners who are experienced with this daily task.

3. Babysitter

Although most Singaporean parents would bring their children to infant care or a childcare centre, a handful would prefer a nanny to take care of their little ones. This is useful for parents who are working from home and need an extra pair of eyes and hands while they work. However, not everyone is suitable for this job because of the experience, skills, and knowledge required.

4. Warehouse Assistant and Mail Sorter

Jobs in the logistics department of companies are always in need of more people, especially in this day and age where operations for shipment and delivery processes are at their peak. However, it requires you to be on your feet often, so you’ll need to ensure that you have ample rest daily.

5. Mover

This is another logistics position that is always hiring. Movers don’t just help people who are changing homes, but also businesses who are moving from one office to another. What’s more, established logistics companies do offer storage and disposal services to round up their portfolio.

6. Private Hire Driver

This is the gig economy at its peak. You can always apply to work for a ride-hailing app and start your day whenever you feel like it. In recent years, private hire drivers have been doubling up as delivery drivers too. How’s that for being creative?

7. Cleaner

Did you know that you can get paid more than S$50 per day just for cleaning a kitchen in a cafe or restaurant? And it’s not just professional kitchens that require cleaning. There are plenty of opportunities available to clean homes, offices, and other spaces in Singapore.

What you can do if you still need cash urgently

If you’ve managed to land a temporary job but still require cash while you aim to secure a full-time role, there are solutions available for you. You can always apply for a payday loan or a personal loan to help tide you through your financial challenges.

If you’re afraid of the long-term commitment of paying off a personal loan, you can opt for a payday loan. A payday loan helps you acquire funds immediately until you receive your next paycheck. It is a short-term loan that works similarly to a cash advance.

Alternatively, a 12-month cash personal loan option can also help you get through an emergency. As the name suggests, a 12-month personal loan is an instalment loan with a 12-month repayment term where you can get your funds in a lump sum and pay it off across a year.

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